Annual General Meeting

5pm Fri 18 Feb

OC1.09 + Discord + Teams

What is an AGM?

Every year societies elect their exec during term 2 at their AGM. These positions will be held from the start of term 3 to the end of term 2 the following year. The AGM is also a chance for the exec to meet with their membership to discuss the running of the society, so you should still attend if you have an interest in the society even if you don't want to run for exec. We'd love to hear from you regarding what we're doing well, and what we could be doing better.

Roles available

These are the roles available to run for. You can run for multiple roles, but if you win in more than one you will have to choose which position to hold. While you can nominate yourself on the day, we welcome nominations ahead of time. You will also have the opportunity to give a short speech on the day. Please contact Thomas, our returning officer, via if you wish to nominate yourself for this role. If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to run for a role, please get in touch with Thomas and provide a short manifesto to be read at the meeting.

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Gaming Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Tech Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • Social Secretary

For more information on each role and their responsibilities, see:

How it will be run

The meeting will principally be held in-person in OC1.09, starting shortly after 5pm. The meeting will also be available on Teams, where people can join form online if they wish, and co-streamed to Discord. The Teams event can be accessed by visiting To use the chat, please join the team using the join code xlnaghz.

Voting will follow the STV process and will take place on our voting portal, which can be accessed by heading to You can sign in with either your UWCS account, or your Warwick ITS account (assuming you are a member). Test votes are now available, where you can check you can vote if you are expecting to, and then the actual votes will be added once the AGM finishes.

The voting period will last 5 days, and the results will be announced shortly after voting closes. #hustings will be available on our Discord server throughout this period for you to ask the candidates any questions you may have.


Any member can propose motions for the AGM. The proposed motions can be found below:

Motion to add Provision for Shared Positions:

Motion to add a Publicity Officer:

Motion to Recategorise Officers:

Motion to add Freshers Rep:

Motion to Rebrand Women's Officer as Welfare and Inclusivity Officer:

Motion to Delete the Exec Server:

There will be an opportunity to debate these motions during the AGM, and they can be voted on during the same voting period.

Eligibility to Vote

In order to vote in the AGM, you will need to be an official member of the Society by the end of Friday 4th Feb. You can "purchase" society membership from the SU website ( - it's free!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #exec in Discord, or message one of the exec if you'd rather ask in private. We look forward to seeing you there!