About the society

CompSoc is one of the busiest societies at Warwick. We organise a variety of academic and recreational activities:


  • Programming workshops - every Friday night! See our events page for details.
  • Programming competitions where you can pit your skills against other from Warwick and nationally, usually with beginner, intermediate and advanced options!
  • Academic trips to places of interest - in the past we've been to places like IBM and Bletchley Museum of Computing.
  • Guest lectures from outside firms and society members.


  • Friday night gaming sessions happen almost every Friday of term in the Department Of Computer Science, 8pm until 8am! See the events page for details.
  • LAN parties twice a term where we all bring our PCs onto campus for the weekend to play games and eat pizza. Some information on what to bring to LANs can be found here.
  • Online gaming!
  • A week long LAN at the end of term three call BFL (big FRIENDLY lan).


  • Weekly pub social, to have dinner, drinks and conversations.
  • One off socials such as Laser Quest, GoKarting and paintballing

Tech services

We offer a wide range of technical services to our members
  • We run an IRC network at irc.uwcs.co.uk. The main channel is #compsoc. A guide to connecting to us can be found here.
  • Website hosting and database hosting for all our members, go to your profile on this website to create your web hosting account!
  • A tech team dedicated to maintaining our services and equipment, as well as providing some tech support for our members.
  • A server cluster located in the Department Of Computer Science.

Other information

Our Sponsors

We'd like to thank our sponsors for the current academic year that can be found here.


The society is open to anyone interested in any aspect offered by the society; people who are interested solely in the gaming and social side as opposed to the academic side are welcome, and vice versa. Technical or not, if you’re interested in what we do, we’d love to see you at our events. If you want to to know more about the society, why not contact the exec?