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The University of Warwick Computing Society is a free-to-join academic society open to anyone with an interest in the field of computer science. Our community consists of a wide, welcoming network of both current and graduate students proficient with many languages, concepts, and technologies. We regularly host industry speakers.

Our primary focus is academia. We hold various talks, workshops, and coding challenges - and aim to support you throughout your time at the university through revision sessions and introductory resources. We also host weekly social and gaming events throughout the term, along with larger, less frequent events: Ranging from campus barbecues and weekend-long LAN parties, to laser tag or even a trip to Bletchley Park! We value collaboration with other societies, and have a long-standing relationship with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick.

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Recent News

Term 3 Week 11 Meeting Minutes

Posted on 5th July 2022

Wait a minute, weren't we supposed to have some public meetings at some point? Anyway, here's some minutes.

The End - Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

Posted on 22nd June 2022

The end of term is near, and many people are leaving (just like our collective sanity)

No, I won't stop shilling for WASD - Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Posted on 13th June 2022

Our charity speedrunning stream, WASD, is happening this weekend, both in the Esports Centre and streamed!

AAAAAAA - Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter

Posted on 7th June 2022

Someone remind me how more fun exams are ....

The Exams vol. 2 - Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Posted on 30th May 2022

Someone remind me how more fun exams are ....