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CoreTech Security Services are proud to be a Gold sponsor of the UWCS for the remainder of the academic year. Our company has built a strong base of Warwick alumni, ranging from our most senior staff down to our incoming graduates and interns, and we’re proud to be able to support the incredible development work that UWCS do that make Warwick graduates great.

CoreTech Security Services are a Cheltenham-based cybersecurity consultancy who specialise in vulnerability research, operational research, and bespoke software engineering. With around 50 deeply technical consultants, we work on a wide array of projects in small teams, doing anything from tearing apart hardware, to developing novel communications methods, to developing custom allocators, to breaking the latest mobile devices, to writing proof-of-concept mobile apps, to reverse engineering protocols, to building our in-house binary analysis tooling. All our roles require some level of UK security clearance, and we work closely with law enforcement to contribute to the protection of the UK and its people.

We also have blogs on software engineering at CoreTech and blogs from two past interns, Fred and Jamie. Fred is a Warwick graduate and now works full-time in CoreTech’s software engineering team.