Connecting to DCS Remotely

Connection Address:

where the X's are replaced by your full 7-digit university id, and the Y's by the last two digits of it.

Making a Connection:

The steps you need to follow at the start will slightly vary depending on your operating system.


  1. On Windows, open up the Command Prompt (cmd). Otherwise, open the Terminal app.
  2. Type: ssh [connection address here], and hit enter/return.


  1. Install and open Termux.
  2. Type: pkg install openssl and hi
  3. If asked to confirm, answer with y
  4. Type: ssh [connection address here], and hit enter/return.


  1. Install and open Shelly
  2. Click +
  3. In SSH Server Address, type out the connection address, then tap Connect.
  4. Tap Connect


These steps will be similar, regardless of your device.

  1. If you're asked about certificates, click Yes (if you want to check, the signature can be found here).
  2. Enter your DCS password. This will have been emailed to you inside a .txt attachment in the past few days.
    (don't worry if you can't see anything while typing your password; this is normal)
  3. You're in! You should see a system welcome message:
DCS Welcome

More detailed information can be found in the DCS Unix User Guide (along with how to access a desktop environment remotely).

If you have any issues, please do ask for help.