Minnits - 27th June 2000

Tue 27 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

27th June 2000



1. Membership Cards

The current set of plastic covers was produced, measured, fiddled with and discussed, and it was eventually decided that:

There also ensued a lengthy discussion on the relative merits of different levels of security on the Socials Web Signup, and eventually it was decided that a membership number and a password would be sufficient.

2. Society Fair Booklet

On the second item, Chris Smith produced a mockup booklet, and we saw that it was good.

3. Zippys

Is not Zippys. The introductory social for next academic year has now been booked by Chris Smith, but it is not, as was previously expected, in Zippys. The introductory social will instead be held in South Central , Wednesday of week 2, between the hours of 7 and 8, pm. Quite disturbingly, Chris reported that they were ‘unsure’ as to whether the bar would be open…

4. Posters

Posters are needed to advertise the Friday Evening Gaming Session in the first week of term. The relevant information, of course is: Gaming Session, ITS, authorised, week 1, non-members can sign up on the day.

5. Open Source Project

Push forward to next meeting. Provisionally scheduled for sometime Week 3, as by this time the first years will have stopped getting completely slaughtered every evening - Probably - and we may get some fresh attendees.


/Still/ no further word has been received from ITS on the subject of an extension until 4am for the Friday Evening Gaming Sessions, and as such it was decided that we should assume that it is acceptable unless informed otherwise.
In other news, no exec members will be attending the Last-Friday-Of-The-Year session, and as such it was decided that it would be prudent to mail the society and inform them - and gaming on the last friday, even within the hours of 10pm to 2am, is done externally to the society. Chris Smith to send mail.

7. Alton Towers

Was a mixed bag. A Success in that everyone who went enjoyed themselves, a faliure in the apocalyptically small number of people that actually went. Not that this should prevent the same event running next year, of course.

8. Laserquest

Push forwards to next meeting - Laserquest for around week 4. On a Wednesday, of course.

9. Locker

Mike, who remains on or around campus, to ask over vacation about a locker in the shiny new DCS building, as it is possible that we may have to get in early.

10. Freshers’ Fair

Mike to investigate preparations for a stand at the Freshers’ Fair. Particularly, position in hall and aquiring a board to pin things to behind the desk. Chris noted that the previous year, boards were available from the SU with a deposit, returned if the board was. He also noted that last year the Computing Society managed to get away with using the back of the board of the stand behind them (as they are placed back-to-back).
It was previously suggested that an exec member could bring their computer to the fair and leave it on the stand - this idea was decided against, on the grounds that there is not much space as it is, and we are being rather adventurous already with the membership cards - this may need a fair amount of space to operate successfully. In addition, the main reason to bring a computer would be to attract people to the stand, and given the higher profile Gaming Sessions are getting this year, it may not be needed.

11. Flyers

Flyers are needed to spam DCS pigeonholes with. :) Chris Smith to design and order flyers also enquire to DCS how many entrants to expect next year, and thus how mny flyers to print.

12. Cousins Meeting

Mike proposed that the society present itself here, via an exec member turning up and doing a speech, with signup at the event. After discussion, it was decided that it was feasible, but probably (with any luck) not needed if Chris manages to get into a first year lecture as he did last year (to great success). Someone to remind Mike to talk to Mike. (Squire and Luck respectively)

13. The Word

Mike to submit CompSoc socials in the first two weeks to be listed in The Word’s events listings.

14. Next Meeting

The next meeting will definitely be the first week of term, but will remain unscheduled until everybody gets at their timetables.