Minnits - 20th June 2000

Tue 20 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

20th June 2000



1. Membership Cards

It was noted that Ryan has obtained quite a few plastic wallets, but these were slightly larger than credit-card size. Solutions were dicsussed, again:
Chris Smith and Barry to look into prices of Laminaters. Ryan to bring a few wallets to next meeting, so we can try cutting them down to various sizes. (This means we will not be able to return said box, of course.)
Also, the cards themselves were discussed. The main issues are:

2. Booklet

The Booklet to be given out at the Fresher’s Fair - Chris Smith has started writing it, will bring finished article to next week’s meeting for viewing. Cost as yet undetermined.

3. Bubble Wrap

Is Good.

4. Budget

Ryan to find out when the budget ends and moeny disappears, so the society can make sure everything needed is bought before that date.

5. Science Ball

Ryan not present at meeting, so no further news on Science Ball. Ryan to buy round of drinks for Compsoc exec at ball. All complaints directed at the president of the computing society.

6. Friday Gaming Session

Still no news on extension of times of Friday evening gaming sessions. Chris Salmon to mail society to see if there is interest for a last-day-of-term gaming session - if there is not sufficient interest the session will not be run - several exec members will already have left.
It was also noted that the Argos-procured headphones only appear to fit Chris Salmon’s ears, as other memebers of the exec find them too big.

7. Open Source Project

Ryan has booked room for this sunday’s Open Source project meeting. Chris Smith reported that the time was 7pm until 8pm, with probable retirement to the airport bar afterwards.

8. Alton Towers

Andy can bring a white Ford Escort to the Alton Towers trip.

9. LQ

Intersociety LaserQuest to be pushed forward to next year.

10. Zippy’s

Chris Salmon to book Zippy’s for the introductory social next year.

11. Balance of Power

Chris Smith officially announced the exchange of Exec positions.
Chris Salmon now President
Jake Staines now Secretary
Other positions would have been noted but they don’t appear to have been documented anywhere, and I can’t remember them.

12. Paintball

Chris Salmon noted that a free voucher (presumably conferring some sort of free trip) for Paintballing was given after the last (fiasco) trip, and it was suggested that society again goes along.

13. Locker

Forwarded to next year - book locker for society.

14. Fresher’s Fair

The society’s presence at the Fresher’s Fair was discussed, including:
Is it feasible to bring a computer - decided that it probably wasn’t, seeing as there is only limited space and some of this will be taken up with membership card stuff.

15. Inter-University

Inter-University tournaments in various internet-play games proposed. Andy Rudnicki to mail other Computing Societies to put idea forward - also to attempt to garner tips on finding people to do talks, sponsor events, etc., to try and promote the Computing Society as a body that does other things aside form Network Gaming.

16. Next Week

The next Exec Meeting will take place next Tuesday (27th June), meeting in the Fyshbowl at 12pm.
Chris Salmon apologises for next week, as he will not present. Mike Squire apologises for the previous eight weeks. (Presumably for not being present, although possibly for other undisclosed misdemeanours.)