Minnits - 13th June 2000

Tue 13 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

13th June 2000



1. Membership Cards

Ryan produced a box of self-sealing plastic card covers. The suitability of said covers was discussed at length, including that

Ryan also pointed out that there appears to be no such thing as self-sealing credit-card sized covers, unless the society wishes to buy a laminater.
Other options of course inlcude trimming the cards, although it was pointed out that the edges thus lost may cause fraying.
Also, such covers increase the time taken to hand out the cards at the societies fair.

2. Science Ball

Ryan attended another meeting on the subject: (Coincidentally and amusingly in The Airport at the time of an England Game…)
It is proposed so far that this event should take place at the Botanical Gardens, 3rd or 10th of Feb, will cost approximately £30 a ticket, with about 440 tickets available. Physics, Maths, Computing, Chemistry and Engineering societies are already involved, waiting on Biology and Psychology (Which apparently counts as a science.)
Sponsorship is being sought, but all handled by one person to avoid clashes.
Ryan also said something about a Casino…

3. Friday Gaming Session

Nobody in the 2nd Year will be attending, due to an exam the following morning. Jake agreed to go along, despite probably being slightly tipsy having finished exams earlier in the day.
Chris to hand over Society’s collection of Argos-procured headphones on Wednesday. (Completed.)

4. Open Source Project

Due to Ryan having the finance card for the last two weeks, the room for the Open Source meeting weekend of Wk 9 has not been booked yet. Ryan to book room for Open Source meeting weekend of Wk 9, sometime in the evening.

5. Alton Towers

It was noted that

At this rate, only one other Driver is needed.

6. LaserQuest

Filmsoc’s reply to a LaserQuest challenge was ‘Come on, then’. Will pursue further next term.

7. Gaming

Chris Smith has /still/ not heard from ITS on extending the hours for Friday/Saturday night gaming.

8. Zippy’s/Locker

Carried forward. To be booked Wk 9/10

9. Screenshots

Needed. Still.
It was noted that whilst Somebody did indeed say something about this at the gaming session two weeks previously, a great deal of attention was not paid. Jake to make noise again on friday.