Minnits - 6th June 2000

Tue 06 Jun Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

6th June 2000



1. Laserquest

Filmsoc have replied, saying that they would like to challenge us on Thursday week 10. It was noted that many members would have gone home by then, and so Chris to mail Filmsoc to ask for a game at the start of the first term next year. It was noted that we would need about 12 people to play.

2. Science Ball

The meeting on Monday was attended by 3 ChemSoc, 1 Physoc, 1 MathSoc and Ryan. It was decided that we would aim for about 500 people, that we would try to arrange it at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. We need to get sponsorship, and need to arrange a committee of people from the societies to organise the event. BioSoc needs to be contacted. Someone on the committee is to contact the organiser of the Humanities Ball. It is expected to cost £30 for a dinner ticket, but that the majority of the profit would come from after-dinner tickets. We would also like to attract a charity, for tax reasons. There is another meeting in the Airport next Monday at 7:15pm.

3. Union

A description of the society is needed for the Freshers Booklet and the web-site (though one has been sent in for the website). Chris to copy what was sent in for the website.

4. Membership cards

The laminated wallets are 25p per wallet from the Student Shop and come in packets of 10. We also need to print the cards, possibly from Lazer Lizard - with a similar design to Filmsoc, with one side having the CompSoc logo (the lettering from the website), and the other with the member details.

5. Gaming session

The session after the session this Friday needs to have an organiser, as all the second-years have an ISE exam the next morning.

6. Merchandise

We have received a merchandise catalogue, and Ryan is to peruse this for possible freebies for membership, and for merchandise to sell on. It was noted that if we bought merchandise on this year’s budget - it would be a good way to transfer money over to next year.

7. Carried Forwards

Posters for Gaming sessions
h5. Locker

The next meeting is to be held at 12:30 next Tuesday, meeting in the Fyshbowl.