Minnits - 30th May 2000

Tue 30 May Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

30th May 2000



1. Laserquest

Chris Salmon to mail other societies about possible Laserquest challenges.

2. Alton Towers

Chris Smith to mail society to generate interest in Alton Towers trip. Again.

3. Compsoc Description

Chris Salmon to write a description of Compsoc for the union site.

4. Membership Cards

Ryan Cullen to investigate possibilities for Membership cards.

5. Extra Time At Gaming Sessions

Chris Smith successfully managed to mail ITS about Gaming Sessions. Has yet to hear on extensions to time.

6. Open Source Project

Chris Smith suggested holding off on the Open Source project until the week 9/week 10 weekend. There was a chorus of ’aye’s.

7. Magazine

Chris Smith decided to mail the society to alert them to the presence of an issue of ‘PC Format’ in the DCS pigeonhole.

8. Headphones

Chris Salmon successfully procured 5 pairs of headphones (from Argos) for use at Gaming Sessions. Use to start this Friday. (June 2nd)

9. Zippy’s

Carried Forward - cannot book until Week 9.

10. Locker

Carried Forward - to obtain a locker for next year.

11. Screenshots

‘Someone’ to mentions screenshots on friday. Prize undecided. Schism between the ‘£10 of stuff from the student shop’ faction (Headed by Chris Salmon) and the ‘£10 of Bubble Wrap from the Student Shop’ faction (Headed by Chris Smith).

12. CS Tourney

Provisionally moved from it’s provisional time of week 5 to a new provisional time of week 4.

13. Science Ball

Ryan says previous response was good, to mail again.