Minnits - 16th May 2000

Tue 23 May Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

16th May 2000



1. Laserquest

This has been moved to 4pm, as the first years had a revision lecture during the old time. Meet up in Rootes at 3pm.

2. Alton Towers

Chris Smith to mail the society to try and increase interest (as no-one has mailed the society)

3. Web

ASPs can now be hosted on the Union account. Chris Smith to write a description of the society.

4. Membership cards

It was suggested that to prevent non-members participating in CSV gaming, we invest in some decent cards for members. Chris Smith to investigate.

5. Gaming

CSV have let us have 2 sessions each week next term, on Friday and Saturday (though these days need to be fixed). They have also asked if we would like to extend the finish time past 2am. It was agreed that 4am would give us a better length of time.

6. Open Source Project

The meeting went well. Baz has set up a mailing list, which we will ask people to signup to on Friday. We also need to ask if the timing is ok, and book the meeting rooms for the decided time.

7. Magazine

Ryan has bought a magazine. Chris Smith to write the labels.

8. Leaflet

Everybody is to think about possible content.

9. Headphones

To be bought this evening

10. Zippys

Booking for next term starts at a meeting in week 9/10.

11. Screenshots

Mention that we need screenshots on Friday.

12. CS Tournament

We have set a provisional date as week 5 next term. Andy decided that it would be best to organise it so that we have teams of 4 playing on a randomly picked level. The best of 5 matches, with the team types changing, so both teams play both sides.

13. Science Ball

Ryan to mail.

14. Posters

It was decided to advertise gaming sessions next term for the first few weeks.

The next meeting is on Tues 30th, meeting in the Fyshbowl