Minnits - 9th May 2000

Tue 09 May Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

9th May 2000



1. ITS Gaming

It was noted that the non-CS playing attempt was good, but that we need to get a more solid base of games to play. It was decided that we would try RA, TA again and Bomberman. It was suggested that the society could purchase some headphones to be lent to people without them at the gaming sessions. It was also suggested that the event be moved to Saturday next term.

2. LAN Party

Has been booked for Sunday 14th May in Meeting rooms 4&5 from 1pm to 10pm.

3. Alton Towers

Chris Salmon to investigate a propsed visit Wednesday week 10.

4. Laserquest

This is to be booked by Chris Smith.

5. Pub Social

To be organised for Sun week 4 - meet in Rootes Reception and then go on to the Varsity.

6. Open Source project

To be included in the newsletter again. There has been the suggestion of 3D lightbikes.

7. Web Site

Phil to contact CSV/DCS for a possible local cgi account as Prohosting seems to become very slow, and has now started using adverts.

8. Magazine subscription

It was noted tha nobody knew what was going on with this, and that they would talk to Ryan about what was going on.

9. Budget

It was suggested that the society produce a booklet for Freshers Fair detailing what we do, and what we intend to do that year. Also, it was suggested that we look into giving away some freebies. Chris Smith to investigate.

10. Locker for next year

It was noted that we would have to wait to see if there were any lockers in the new building before knowing if we can rent one next year.

11. Zippys

It was suggested that we book Zippys at the start of next year to host the initial social, so that we have more space to answer questions - and it would be easier to talk.

12. Paintball

Is cancelled due to the president of paintball soc being unable to orgainise the event due to work.

13. Jake

Is to be asked to attend CEM’s from next week onwards.

14. Screenshots

To be asked for so that we have something to show at freshers fair.

The next meeting is set for TUE 12pm, meeting at the Fyshbowl.