Minnits - 8th March 2000

Wed 08 Mar Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

8th March 2000



1: AGM

This has been booked for Wednesday week 10 from 7pm. It was decided that we should organise a pub-crawl after the AGM, to try and get more members attending.

2: Budget

PC Format subscription cheque request should have been submitted on Thursday.
Budget Form should have been submitted on Thursday.

3: Publicity

It was suggested that we list our CSV gaming sessions in the Word. It was decided that we already have enough interest.

4: CSV

Pre-gaming social in the Airport at 9pm is to be arranged for this Friday onwards. It was suggested that someone check the NT room next to L3 to see how many people were either working, or playing CounterStrike. This information would be needed if we decided to try to extend our sessions.

5: Nintendo Soc

Chris Smith to mail to organise a joint GoldenEye social.

6: Freshers Fair

It was decided that we would have a PC on our stall, which would be running a copy of Bomberman, as we could have up to 3 players at a time. A screenshot competition was also suggested, so that we could get some interesting pictures for the back-board of the stall.

7: UNIX filestore

Baz to clean this out.

The next meeting is set for WED 2pm, meeting at the Fyshbowl.