Minnits - 17th January 2000

Mon 17 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

17th January 2000



1: New Treasurer

The exec would like to wecome Ryan onto the team, and hope he can hope get the finances in order!

2: SU Courses

The following bookings are to be made my Chris Salmon,
Andy - EquiOpps Mon 5-6 Wk 3
Ryan - Using your Money Tue 5-6 Wk 2/6

3: CSV Gaming

The exec noted that some members got lost on their way to the venue / didn’t know where it was. We are to be more specific next time. Baz to research DX5 for NT. Chris Smith to create a CD copy of an installed version of Half-Life. The signup is to be changed to an email signup, though the cgi script for on-line submission is going well. Chris Smith to mail a reminder to the members about the gaming and include the new signup procedure.

4: Magazines

The exec are to keep a look out for magazines which can be subscribed to / bought to spend our publications budget.

5: LAN Party

Chris Smith to buy and create virus checker disks. Suggested games for the LAN party were Quake3, Half-Life, TibSun, RA, Bomberman, Lightbikes and Quake + mods.

6: Socials

LaserQuest to be booked by Chris Smith for Wednesday to start at 3pm.
The exec to keep their eyes open for big shows to visit.

7: Risk Assessment Form

8: Passwords

The relevant passwords and account names were given to Ryan et al.

The next meeting is set for the WED 2pm, meeting at the Fyshbowl.