Minnits - 10th January 2000

Mon 10 Jan Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

10th January 2000



1: Treasurer

There has only been one applicant, and the exec have invited him to the next exec meeting.

2: LAN Party

Meeting rooms 2 and 3 have been booked for the Sunday at the end of week 14 from 9am to 4pm.
The exec are still investigating the possibility of booking LIB1 for an Allnighter on week 16. Chris Smith to contact Mike Joy for info.
The possible tournament games have been discussed, with suggestions including Quake, Atomic Bomberman, Lightbikes, F1 97 and Half-Life. Team tournaments were also discussed, and the exec would like especially like to see a Half-Life Team Fortress tournament.

3: Gaming at CSV

The society has been granted the use of the NT room under L3 for the first 5 Friday evenings from 10pm - 2am to play games. The room consists of 22 NT machines, of which 2 are reserved for exec use. The exec will be given a username and password for an account with a reduced set of restrictions for playing games. A sign is to be posted to the outside of the door in the week, and the exec are arranging a meeting with CSV to discuss both this, and a joint public statement about the gaming. The exec have arranged a trial-run to check the feasibility of playing the most popular games on Wednesday afternoon, username permitting. Only legal copies of games will be allowed to be played, and the society has agreed to take the full responsibility of enforcing this.
Members are to sign-up at the society’s noticeboard, for one of 20 places. The 2 reserved PC’s are for the exec members who are responsible for overseeing the session. Their job is to ensure that members don’t take the ‘party’ of LAN party literally.
The exec will take the first session as it comes, but has suggested that following sessions could be themed to a certain genre of game. This is to be discussed furthur.
Baz to check the licence of Atomic Bomberman in the interest of possibly having a tournament.

4: Dreamcast

Chris Smith to mail Sega.

5: Treasure Hunt

This was poorly attended, and so the social was turned into a trip to the Varsity and then the Union.

6: Web

Baz has mailed Paul Doyle (again), and the exec await his reply.

The next meeting is set for the Mon 17th Jan at 11:30, meeting at the Fyshbowl.