Minnits - 6th December 1999

Mon 06 Dec Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

6th December 1999



1: Gaming at CSV

Gill at CSV has been mailed, and a meeting arranged for Wed 8th 17:00 with Alison Allden, the Group Leader of Academic Services group, and the Group leader of PC Group. The fesability of gaming in CSV was discussed in preparation for Wednesday’s meeting.

2: Dreamcast

Chris Smith is to snail mail Sega for info as they don’t have an email address on their site.
Baz to mail Ben about possible previews/contacts for further talks etc.

3: LAN Party

Meeting rooms 2/3 have been booked from 9-5 for Sunday after the Friday of week 12 (and before the Monday of week 13 (duh!)). Baz is to buy some spare equipment for next term if he sees it in the holiday. The list of stuff wanted is: 1 network card, 3 bits of 2m BNC cable, 1 T-piece. It was also suggested that the society could book LIB1 for an allnighter (as Mod Sci Fi did).

4: Treasure Hunt

Members have been mailed with the details, and this has been posted to the website. Andy apologised saying that he could not be there for the start of the social. The task list has been completed, and Andy is to mail the members with a reminder, telling them not to forget their 50p entrance. This has now been moved to Thursday to avoid a clash with the Christmas Ball. Chris Smith to talk to the Finance Office about getting the 45ukp out of the account for prize money.

5: Webmaster

The exec would just like to say that they think Phil is doing a good job with the site. Baz mailed Paul Doyle (again) about the SU web setup.

6: Treasurer

There has been 1 application for the position. The exec are going to wait until the deadline for any late applications and then meet the applicants before picking the treasurer.


The posting has not been made to the newsgroup, and it was decided to leave this, as the idea seems to have dissipated.

8: Laserquest SOC

Baz to mail the laserquest society to express an interest in joining the inter-soc challenge.

9: Refreshers fair

The exec decided not to set up a stall for the fair. It is to be emphasied in the next newsletter that people CAN still join (as some still do) by going to the SU reception. This will be an important message once it is seen we are doing regular games sessions.

10: Budget

The exec discussed the allocations in their budget. The question of society affiliation was raised. Also, the 82ukp allocated for magazines/publications was discussed. This could used for a subscription to a magazine such as micromart or spent on books (either course books or general interest) that members could borrow.

The next meeting is set for the 1st Mon next term at 14:00, meeting at the Fyshbowl.