Minnits - 22nd November 1999

Mon 22 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

22nd November 1999



1: LAN meeting

This was attended by 12 members, which was an acceptable turnout, but below our expectations given the enthusiasm for the idea on the newsgroup. Notes of what was discussed have been posted on the compsoc website under the ‘Gaming’ section. Disks have been bought to copy the virus checking software onto. A suggestion was made that the social could have a ‘tournament’ element, so that even those without PC’s would be guaranteed some time on a machine. Chris Salmon is to mail those who didn’t turn up to meeting to reassert the confirmation that they are coming, and to tell them to mail the society if they need transport help (done). If all the people who have shown a definite interest attend, then the LAN will number approx. 19 PC’s.

2: LaserQuest

This is booked for 27 people at 4:00pm, with 3-4 substitutes.

3: Gaming on the Uni machines

The final draft of the letter is to be given to Jill by Mike, with a follow-up about a week later asking for confirmation of it’s receipt.

4: Dreamcast demo

Members have said that they have access, but have not yet mailed the society with the details. It was suggested that the society contact Sega, and ask if it would be possible for a talk/demo by them next term - with an emphasis on the technical/development/capabitity side of the Dreamcast. This was seen as being scheduled next term. Chris Smith to mail Sega for info. It was also suggested that the society could also arrange other talks, and that Baz should email Ben (ben@gunk.demon.co.uk) to ask about possible contacts/previews/demos etc. that the members might be interested in. Mike also said that he would email a friend who works in at a local games developer.

5: Next Event

Andy not present.

6: Webmaster

Possible strategies were discussed concerning who the exec should accept. However, as there were not any details to hand, the exec could not make a decision on who would receive the post. It was suggested that all applications would be accepted, and each applicant be given a specific task, but this was decided against as it was felt the job only needed one person, and that the applicants were expecting only one of them to be selected.

7: Website

Chris Smith mailed the SU /again/ for a link to our site. The suggestion was made that a link be requested from the main DCS site, and that the person to contact would be Mike Joy

8: Jan resigns

Jan has resigned as treasurer, due to too many commitments. He has offered to remain treasurer in name, for as long as we need to find a replacement - if we do. It was suggested that an enthusiastic first year could be encouraged to take the role, in preparation for the formation of the next exec.


The next meeting is set for Mon 29th at 14:00, meeting at the Fyshbowl.