Minnits - 15th November 1999

Mon 15 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

15th November 1999



1: LAN meeting

Chris Smith cannot be at the meeting, which is from 18:30 - 20:00, meeting rooms 4/5 Union North.
A plan for the meeting is as follows:

Say what we know about the arrangements for the LAN party.

Group Discussion. Possible topics:

The following points have to be emphasised. No food or drink near the computers. The society does not allow the use of illegal copies of software. Take regular breaks from your PC (RSI/Eye-strain). The society takes no responsibility for it’s members actions. ROAR. All PC’s are to be virus checked before being allowed onto the network. (Chris Smith to buy 3 * 10 3.5" disks to copy virus checking software).

Baz is to post the hardware requirements to the Compsoc newsgroup to allow members to beg/borrow/steal (scratch that last one!) the necessary bits of kit.

The policy on sharing is that priority will be given to those who are willing to share their machines. Non-members are not allowed to attend this preliminary LAN party, and so those non-members lending their machine to a member will not be able to participate (i.e. the computer you bring to the party is (in the eyes of the society) yours, and no-one else’s).

Other details:

2: LaserQuest

This is arranged for Wed 24th Nov, in response to member’s responses to the newsletter. This was agreed as it is cheaper and people are going to be free. LaserQuest holds 27 people, and we can book it for this many once we know 27 people are coming. Andy to mail people to ask them to mail us to sign up. We will wait until the deadline for this before booking. Cost is 5ukp for 3 games, though we can pair people up if they only wish to do 1 or 2 games. They are to pay when we get there as there is no booking fee. Meet in Rootes Reception @ 2:00pm. Andy suggested that people might want to play using their ‘Quake names’. Also, it was suggested that we go to a nearby pub afterwards to dissect the day’s gibbage.

3: Gaming on the Uni machines

Mail Mike for the address of his contact in ITS.

4: Dreamcast demo

It was suggested that Compsoc members might be interested in a demo of the new console from Sega. Andy to include a request for Dreamcast owners in his mail about LaserQuest.

5: Next Event

The exec were lost for obvious ideas for the next social, but the following were suggested:

However, it was also suggested that we organise a Treasure Hunt. Andy is to write some clues, the first of which is to be posted on the website. Various tasks were discussed, such as bringing back something yellow with the name of a beer on it , etc. The teams were decided to be randomly selected from those signing up, to encourage mingling.

6: Webmaster

Closing date is the end of the week (19/11/99). We have had 2 applications so far. The role of the person in the job was discussed, and decided that it should involve keeping the site up-to-date, and adding things such as the newsletter and minutes to the site as they become available.


The next meeting is set for Mon 22th at 14:00, meeting at the Fyshbowl.

Chris Salmon - Computing Society Secretary