Minnits - 18th October 1999

Mon 18 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

18th October 1999



1: Network Games

Since the last meeting, ITS (CSV) have NOT allowed us to book a room for the purpose of network gaming. The exec decided that a letter should be drafted appealing for, and outlining the advantages of allowing the society to book a room to play network games. Due to this, the exec has decided to change the schedule for the next few weeks as follows:

Tue 26th Oct: Bowling - Meet Airport 7:30pm for bowling in Leamington
Tue 2nd Nov: LAN Party / GoldenEye tournament

2: LAN parties

These were seen as a good alternative to network games, were ITS (CSV) not to relinquish their ban on gaming in the society. It is hoped that members will arrange their own LAN parties for small numbers of people, but that larger LAN parties will be organised by the exec. It was recognised that for this to be feasilble, transport would have to be provided for ~15 machines. It was suggested that the society would pay those attending members with cars, to transport the machines of those without cars. It was also recognised that a venue needs to be arranged, and that Chris Smith, Chris Salmon, and Barry would ask their respective house mates if they could use their house as a venue. It was suggested that a meeting room in the Union could also be used. A suggestion was made that there be 2 rooms (or areas) set aside, so that if more people than computers turned up, that people would have somewhere to wait (and drink!). Also, it was acknowleged that it would take an estimated 1 hour to set everyting up for a 15/16 machine network. It was decided that the society would ban eating and drinking near other peoples machines whilst at a Lan party. Support for the idea was decided to be gagued by means of a form, to be passed around at the first social.

3: GoldenEye (or similar) tournament

It was suggested that the exec organise a GoldenEye or similar console-based tournament to be held in one of the meeting rooms in the Union. An entrance of 50p for members / £1 non-members was suggested, and that the prize could be something like a T-shirt or trophy. It was also suggested that this be a termly event leading to a tournament in term 3 to decide the winner for the year. It was suggested that people could book a time to compete, thus making it possible for people to come and go as they want, to aid problems with only having a few machines. It was also suggested that the final could (university willing) be held in a lecture theatre such as L3, using the large video display (and a long controller lead!)

4: Bowling

Mike Squire is to phone and get details for the next social.

5: WWW

Chris Smith is to contact the SU concerning the link to our society page from theirs.

The technical section of the site is being written. The Linux links page is under construction, the ‘how to setup your webspace’ tutorial is finished, and it was suggested that Barry write a page detailing useful UNIX commands.

6: Newwords

It was suggested that the exec take control of breathing life back into the old newwords system.

7: Mailings

Chris Smith is to mail the members reminding them of the social, and that new members can still join by coming along to the socials.

The next meeting is set for Mon 25th at 14:00, meeting at the Fyshbowl.
Any new matters should be emailed to C.Salmon@bigfoot.com for the next meeting

Chris Salmon - Computing Society Secretary