AGM Election Results

Tue 21 Feb

A boring post listing the results of our elections this year.

Motion Results

✅ Make Compcafé a café: For, by 39-10 (7)
✅ Improve accessibility to democracy: For, by 28-13 (10)
✅ Distribute Free Milk on Mondays: For, by 34-20 (3)
✅ Improve accessibility/quality of food: For, by 21-16 (14)
❌ Ban Use of Computers in UWCS by 2030: Against, by 11-44 (3)

Constitutionally Changing
✅ Fix grammatical/formatting errors: For, by 45-4 (5)
✅ Document all motions: For, by 38-7 (8)
✅ Change the title of the President: For, by 38-16 (4)
✅ Clarify procedure for shared office: For, by 24-19 (8)
❌ Eliminate profiteering of rewards points: Against, by 13-40 (3)

Election Results

President: Matthew K (@MAT﹝he/him﹞)
Treasurer: Joshua F (@MrFitzmaurice), Icen Z (@Icen(He/Him))
Secretary: Serene A (@serene <3)

Academic: Alia M (@Alia (she/her)), Edmund G (@EdmundGoodman), Gareth M (@grhkm (gur-cum))
Gaming: Joshua R (@Gamer Gus)
Social: Ivan K (@Rexonance) Joshua R (@Gamer Gus)

Tech: Joel C (@Mole1424) & Alex W (@Alex Wright) & Adam S (@adam2 (he) tech/3) & Josh H (@Josh)
Inclusivity: Morgan K (@morgan [she/her]), Andreea N (@andreea) , Preya T (@Preya)
Publicity: Henry G (@Henry), Oliver C (@Oliver)

Shared Office has been agreed by a majority of exec, voting breakdown to come shortly. Proper handover will happen over Easter.
We are also looking for a few more people to share Gaming & Social with our existing exec, so please do reach out if you are interested.