Welcome Week | UWCS T1W0 Newsletter

Mon 26 Sep

This is our first issue of the year! Discover our many events over welcome week!

Hello everyone, I'm Owen (he/him) your friendly everyday secretary. I'll be writing your newsletters for the next few months, amongst some other bits: exciting, isn't it?

We have plenty of events in Welcome Week to get you familiar with the society, the course, and hopefully each other.

The way these newsletters will work is to give you a summary of what we have going on each week, with links to our website for more details.

👋 2022 Welcome Talk

🕑 Tue 27 Sep 2pm - 3pm 📍 CS1.04

Your chance to find out what we're all about. We'll give you an overview of the society, the course, and the area. Then we will answer the one burning question I'm sure you all have: where is the actual Warwick?

🃏 Wildcards Welcome Week BBQ

🕓 Tue 27 Sep 4pm - 6pm 📍 Windmill Hill

For Wildcards - women and non-binary students only!

💬 Git Good (2022)

🕒 Wed 28 Sep 3pm - 4:30 📍 CS1.04

Learn how to use Git - an essential tool for computer scientists. This talk will go over the basics, then come along to our workshop next week for more information and some practice.

🍔 Welcome Week Pub Social

🕔 Wed 28 Sep 5pm - 8pm 📍 Phantom Coach

You like food, right? After our Git Good Talk, we will be heading up to the Phantom Coach and let you all get to know each other! I know, terrifying...

🙋‍♂️ Computing at the Societies Fair

🕚 Thu 29 Sep 11am - 5pm 📍 Sports Hub

We'll be there with some activities, prizes, and of course shilling the society!

🎮 Welcome Week Gaming

🕗 Fri 30 Sep 8pm - 11:59 📍 Department of Computer Science

Join us Friday for a night of fun! With a ton of games and consoles, plus our VR setup.

Quiz Night

🕘 Fri 30 Sep 9pm - 10:30 📍 Department of Computer Science

Within our first gaming night of the year, we have our first quiz night!

👕 Merch Giveaway

We have been running a giveaway of some unique t-shirts for people who joined the society before welcome week, which if you are reading this has now closed since it is now welcome week! We will draw winners and contact you for delivery once the t-shirts have arrived.

Thanks for reading issue #1, I sure hope this is less confusing than finding your way around campus in the next few weeks,
⁠— Owen (he/him)
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