Week 2 Term 3 Exec Meeting Minutes

Sat 08 May Meeting Minutes

It's Term 3 and time for another Exec Meeting!

Present: Amelie, Ella, Josh, Leo, Keegan, Scott, Skiros


John's House: John

Welcome Week


Upcoming events

Lightning Talks (Week 3)

Nettitude CTF (Week 4)

Warwick PLAN/Warwick Women's Careers/Other Events

Merch Order


Any Other Busyness

Random Quotes and Memorabilia

"I don't think the meeting will be that long" - John

"Can we give the blue square eyes?" - Keegan

"incremental bluwu" - Alex

"Thank you Alex" - Amelie

"I finally have my duck" - Amelie

"Sinjo can suck it" - Amelie