Week 14 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Wed 14 Apr Meeting Minutes

I'm refusing to say we are close to Term 3 now, so it's Week 14 of Term 2 and here are some meeting minutes!

Well hello there! This is known as "exec meeting feat. exactly 5 minutes of discord restructuring talk"

Present: Amelie, Dan, Keegan, Josh, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Thomas, Toby, Skiros

Absent: Daisy, Scott

Car: John

Welcome Week events

Summary for Welcome Week: Finalise details and upload to Welcome Week timetable ASAP

Academic events

Next Lightning talks

Action: sort out 3rd talk, finalise date and then advertise

Discord Changes - lightning round

Action summary: changes to be made on Monday 19th (same day as exec handover). John to speak to Faux re IRC links


Action: Amelie to speak to John

Any other points?

Haskell good, Java bad, bottom text, we're done

*drops mic*

More quotes out of context

"Yell 4 letter words" - Amelie (this coincided with lots of 4 letter words in the exec channel that I am not recording here, but it was not spam)

"I like Calpol" - Toby

"Toby is a drug mule" - Amelie

"I've got to get the screenshot" - Amelie

"Why is this note even here?" - Ryan

"One could call it Uber for Employment" - Ryan

"SHUT UP JOHN" - Amelie