Week 12 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Thu 01 Apr Meeting Minutes

Turns out there are 12 weeks in term 2 and I am constantly being lied to... anyway Week 12 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Henlo (insert wave here)

Present: Amelie, Dan, John, Josh, Keegan, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Skiros, Scott, Toby

Apologies: Thomas

Absent: Daisy

See last week's minutes for a summary of where we got to

Stage channels are pretty cool. We'll decide what to do about keeping the channel permanently at some point, doesn't really matter.

Discord Layout 2: Electric Boogaloo

IRC continuation

Renaming #exec???

Info & Announcemnts

Misc stuff




Any other business?

Please? Anything?

Quotes and memories of whatever a "meeting" is

"That's a constitutional change, moving on" - Ryan

"Someone resign, we'll have an EGM and change the constitution" - John?

"A good idea but Discord says no" - Ryan

"tell me what to think, please" - Amelie

If you are here in 2040, please take note of the following:

"why was the infamous pirate captain Ryan our president at one point" - comp soc 2040 exec