Week 11 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Fri 26 Mar Meeting Minutes

Week 11 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes (and yes there are 11 weeks in Term 2)

Present: Amelie, Dan, John, Josh, Keegan, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Skiros, Scott, Thomas, Toby

Absent: Daisy

Discord Layout

Link to initial ideas/prospective changes: Discord changes - Google Docs

Membership screening


Rules/Code of Conduct



Continue original agenda at next meeting in a week

Other things for now:

Move Academic events section to next meeting whenever that may be

I'm lost...

"That was the sudden shrek scare" Ryan (slightly paraphrased as I forgot the quote half way through typing...

"I WARNED YOU!!!" Amelie

"Don't make any good decisions without me" Alex in chat (don't worry, we won't!)