Minutes 2019-02-08

Fri 08 Feb Meeting Minutes

The minutes for our meeting on the 8th of February.

- Present :: Sam, Dan, Amelie, Toby, David I, David II,








Sam (to Dan) - "You should never, ever, wear a baseball cap again."

Amelie - "We can afford about £2200 worth of pizza."

Sam - "I need a fancy word for a space ... zone! How about zone?"

David II - "I spoke to Rob about [the SSL certificate]. He said 'Oh yeah that's a thing' and then never spoke about it again."

Amelie - "We're a bunch of guys sitting in a room playing video games. But not in a good way."

Dan - "I'm not a skateboard."

Amelie - "I poked around with some freshers."

Amelie - "Ah! My boob!"


Everyone - Do the LAN rota.

Dan - Post about LAN again.

Everyone - Send your role descriptions to Sam.

Sam - Send AGM follow-up email.

Sam - Do Deutsche Bank ROI report.

Sam - Check free society status with the SU.

David I, Sam - Prepare document of AGM points of order.

Sam - Contact that guy who hasn't picked up his shirt yet.

Sam - Look into SU requirement requiring inventory.

Amelie - Book end of term meal.