Minutes 2017-03-07 (Term 2 Week 9)

Tue 07 Mar Meeting Minutes

Minutes term 2 week 9

Present: sam, david the 2nd, rhiba, kirby, brandon, adam, elliot, rob turned up to sign the sheet, dixon (very late), king david the 1st (even later)

* Welcome new exec!

* Might be worth Brandon getting a minibus license, though tests don't start until next year.

* One and / or both secretaries should make a Doodle for next week so everyone can be here.

* Sam started the Doodle but "broke it".

* Lined box diagram for the gaming cupboard? "nah mate just print the picture".

* Are we setting up a new exec chat on Discord or is Ed getting Facebook?

* "Where are Jai and Luke?"

* New SSL certificate.

* rhiba needs to follow up on sponsorship money

* Lovelace is getting Ubuntu installed again

* We should do an end-of-term meal. "When? The end of term". Likely in The Farmhouse. Most people would be free on the Monday, rhiba will see if we can book it.

* Sticker for the side of the rack.

* If anyone is interested, Game Design are having the developers of Planet Coaster do a talk on Thursday.

* We're not mad about Callum and Rob because they said they wouldn't be here, Jai and Luke are bad.

* No exam LAN.

* "Heat injury risk" with the heat in LIB2 during BFL