Minutes 2017-01-31 (Term 2 Week 4)

Wed 01 Feb Meeting Minutes

Minutes week 4 term 2

Present: david, dixon, rhiba, luke, jai, kirby, sam

* Same thing that happened to nodd happened to Godel.

* DNS records are on Godel.

* dcs-get files were on there, need to package Steam for gaming

* Back up website as soon as possible as its on the last living server.

* One of the switches died at LAN, need a new one.

* Lovelace is working, we have LDAP. David is working on new user scripts.

* Need to message Ruth again.

* Buy a DVI cable.

* AGM is Wednesday, Week 8, B2.02 at 5pm

* Next LAN is also Week 8, and we actually have the room from 4pm.