Mon 23 Jan

Please read, relevant for anyone with a shell account.


The extent of Nodd's damage is a lot worse than we first thought. Random config files, the LDAP users and a lot of other things are missing from the filesystem, there are no backups (we were not aware of this) and it's bad. We are going to do a complete reinstall of the system.

Eventually, you will need to reapply for a shell account (we will tell you when this is possible) and we will be starting fresh (alumni can still have accounts, don't worry). We will NOT be copying over any data, but we are going to compress everybodys home directories and databases into tar files (with instructions on how to reinstall your db data on another system). IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR DATA, PLEASE MESSAGE ME (Rhiannon Michelmore) ON FACEBOOK so I can verify your identity. We will be retaining these tar files for at least a year from this date, to account for latecomers. If you or someone you know does not have Facebook, you will need to email me a photograph of some ID (student, driving licence etc) to

NB: This means that all websites on Nodd are down and you will either need to retrieve your data and wait to get a new account, or retrieve your data and go elsewhere.

We're so sorry for this, it is definitely not ideal, but in order to create a better system (with weekly backups), it must be done. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MESSAGE ME FOR YOUR DATA.