Minutes 2016-11-17 (Term 1 Week 7)

Fri 18 Nov Meeting Minutes

Minutes term 1 week 7

Present: dixon, kirby, Zoggoth, Sam, tanski (late!), ganymede - a stuffed parrot

* Big Screen: Jai is not here. We believe it is booked for next Friday.

* LAN is next week, signups are open. * Continued discussion on seating system.

* David will do refreshers publicity stuff.

* David will do second shell talk next term.

* Game Design 48 hour competition this weekend, add to newsletter.

* We should try to recapture the BCS accreditation off Warwick Tech.

* Also discussion of getting the NUEL rep on campus to CompSoc off LeagueSoc.

* CompSoc has Game Design's cables (two of the round extensions and three of the bar ones). Nobody has keys.

* rhiba: Cut some keys for the gaming cupboard.

* Clothing order soon.

* David wants to get new LAN equipment at some point - new switches specifically as well as new cables.

*Supa Hot Fire Spitting Section

* Tech officer says League Soc are incable of running a LAN