Minutes 2016-10-27 (Term 1 Week 4)

Thu 27 Oct Meeting Minutes

Minutes term 1 week 4

Present: rhiba, dixon, tanski, kirby, sam, Zoggoth (late!), jai (late!)

* Ordered two tripods for the Vive.
* Compsoc owes Rhiannon about £200 (pizza and tripods) and David about £50 (duct tape).
* LAN setup is happening in half an hour from 8 o'clock.
* Start at half seven for trolley loading.
* Nobody set up dijkstra until power and networking is fully done
* End at 8pm on the Sunday?
* rhiba: Ask for trolley tomorrow.
* Big Screen: Jai emailed, they said they'd get back but haven't. This was on Monday.
* Careers Workshop this afternoon. Hopefully someone comes to it.
* BBC Talk was a success, more full than Linux 101, 80-100 people.
* noreply@uwcs.co.uk gets sent to spambox. If it happens again just change the email in the form.
* Overran 10,000 per month already. We're just going to pay for it now.
* Estimate between 10,000 and 20,000 per month
* Waiting on date for Cisco people.
* Talk about money once we actually have money.
* £400 off Give the Grad a Go is confirmed.

* Boo-urns for Jai and Luke.