Minutes 2016-10-20 (Term 1 Week 3)

Mon 24 Oct Meeting Minutes

Minutes term 1 week 3

Present: rhiba, tanski, dixon, Zoggoth, Sam, kirby, Joe

* Do we have the big screen? Who knows.

* Sam and Zoggoth are not present at gaming this week.

* Gaming is in 0.06 for this week only and there is a strict ban on food. There will be no main pizza order.

* Gaming finishes at 4:00am as there is an open day. Might end earlier than that If we do good we can hopefully have the room for other open days.

* Tech team: Currently consists of David, Rayhaan, Will and Rhiannon. We got an email asking if we could setup advertising space. We replied asking what for and never got anything back.

* Just assume Rhiannon has replied to all general emails.

* Got an email about Kerbal Space Program servers yesterday, it is happening. It's going on nodd. Rhiannon is sorting it. David would like to know.

* Seating plan needs doing also.

* Pizza-get is a bit broken, but there is a one-line curl command that fetches everything.

* Pizza codes are a confusing and vast area. There are numerous possibilities - Jai could continue phoning, we could use 33% off, we could use buy-one-get-one-free on pizzas only. Investigate Dominos Anywhere?

* We are about one (and a half) term away from the next elections. We need a new tech officer for next year. The plan is to make David president. Joe is in the running for tech officer.

* Going to ask for more space for the Compsoc home directory.

* Is the /var/tmp/ logout script being used for Dota? Joe claims it does.

* Dominos offer JSON pizza output, could be used for pizza-get.

* Give the Grad a Go sponsorship update - they gave a package, we responded with prices. A spot on the website is £200, that plus a Facebook is £300, 'unlimited' is more.

* Changing switch means nodd network downtime in about a week, server isn't being turned off so screen / tmux sessions will persist.

* David had people expressing interest in a CompSoc circling before School Days or Pop. Doesn't really need sanctioning. It can happen non-offically but we're not doing it.

* Can't book Exam LAN as the room is taken, we're trying for the Occulus but there might not be the resources / ethernet. OC0.03 looks good.

* BFL has been extended and is now booked from 10am instead of 3pm.

Extra Things

* "GNOME is a bit dodg"

* Next exec meeting in Jai's room