CompSoc Newsletter Week 3

Sun 16 Oct

Our weekly newsletter (sorry about the markdown).

Greetings Compsoc!

It was great to see so many of you last week! Here's a few things that are going on this week and slightly further out than that:

We'll be having our pub social tomorrow (Monday) at 6:30pm at The Phantom Coach! This is a great chance to have a meal and a chat (most of us aren't big drinkers) in a non-computery setting. If you want to come, we'll be meeting up just outside the Department Of Computer Science at 6:00pm to walk over there.

On Friday, we'll have Gaming and Programming workshop on as usual. This weeks programming tutorial will take us back to basics a little! I'll be writing a set of Java questions with template answers (that you need to fill in) and you guys can see if you can do them yourselves! If you missed last weeks tutorial, you're still welcome to come and do it on Friday and I'll help you all I can (or week 1 tutorial!). Remember, you don't have to come at the start or stay the whole time! Lot's of people also took the time to get some help with coursework last week, which is fine too! The link to the second tutorial is here: [Programming Tutorial Lesson Two](

Next, LAN SIGNUPS ARE OPEN FOR EVERYONE! The LAN will be in week 4, from 8pm on Friday 28th October until 8pm on Sunday 30th October. We have an [FAQ]( if you have no idea what's going on, and signups can be found [here]( We usually have a seating plan that you can place yourself on, but since the website is so new, it's not finished yet! I'll tell you all via Facebook and email once this has been created so you can pick where you sit.


We have two more events in week 4 that you guys will be interested in! The BBC are coming in at 2pm on Wednesday 26th October to give us a talk on technology (probably about how they handle cloud computing in the context of iPlayer, but it could be different!). It would be awesome to see you guys there! The Facebook event is [here]( and the website counterpart is [here]( The final week 4 event is a careers workshop run by Work Ready Graduates, from 3:30pm until 5pm on Thursday 27th October. This is super useful for all year groups (even first year's can get internships you know!) and will be focused on standing out at assessment centers and how to do well in interviews. The website event is [here](

Finally, Deutsche Bank have a cool opportunity which I hope you guys will get involved in! It's a Hackathon that will be hosted in their London offices on November 9th.


![alt text]( "DB Header")

Develop a life-changing application for a leading charity

Venue: Deutsche Bank London offices

Start: 12:00 hours, Wed, 9th November

End: 12:00 hours, Thurs, 10th November

At Deutsche Bank, we’re driving change by bringing inventive minds and the latest technology together. This event will put you at the heart of that process as we develop an app for Autistica, the UK’s foremost autism research charity.

Every year, Deutsche Bank holds a 24-hour Hackathon: for the first time ever, we’re inviting students to take part. Here, you’ll join a team of digital experts, from developers to designers, as we create a life-changing piece of technology and compete for the annual Hackathon trophy.

This is an opportunity to learn about every aspect of the app-building process, first-hand, by collaborating with some of our most creative thinkers. It’s also a chance to launch your career in tech, work on a project with real-world impact and work side by side with top tech minds from one of the world’s most innovative financial businesses.

If you’re ready to take on a unique challenge, send your CV and a letter describing what you can bring to the team to by the 23rd October 2016. Reasonable travel expenses will be covered while successful candidates will also be offered final round fast-track interviews (pending completion of numerical test and feedback from their project lead).


Remember, meet us tomorrow (Monday) at 6:00pm outside DCS for the pub! Hope to see you guys there.

Rhiba (Pres)

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Shape the future of banking

Intelligence. Insight. Innovation.

If you’re driven by new ideas, there’s a lot to look forward to as a Technology graduate at Deutsche Bank. We’re pioneering the next generation of systems that will take our Bank – and our industry – forward. This is your chance to lead that change. We depend on technology to give us a competitive edge. We create algorithms that predict price changes over microseconds, produce complex quantitative tools that execute trades for clients, and build applications capable of moving EUR 1.6 trillion across the Bank’s platforms every day. We’re building the digital bank of the future. You can help us shape it. Although we have many roles requiring programming skills, you don’t need to be a technical expert to join Technology at Deutsche Bank. We’re looking for Developers, Project Managers and Business Analysts, so if you can use creativity and intellectual curiosity to solve difficult problems, you’ll find lots of opportunities to transform our business. You can shape the future of one of the world’s leading banks.

Discover a career to look forward to at [](