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Mon 10 Oct Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter.

Greetings Compsoc!

It's already week 2! For all of you we saw on Friday, thanks for coming along! If you couldn't make it to either gaming or programming workshop this week, that's okay, you're very welcome to come next week.

We'll be having our Freshers Pub social today at 6:30pm at The Phantom Coach! This is a great chance to have a meal and a chat (most of us aren't big drinkers) in a non-computery setting. If you want to come, we'll be meeting up just outside the Department Of Computer Science at 6:00pm to walk over there.

On Wednesday, we have our Linux 101 talk at 5pm! This is a great introduction into how to use Linux, and for the computer scientists among you, it goes great with your professional skills module. We'll also be giving out FREE PIZZA after the talk (which will be around 45 mins - 1 hour)!

On Friday, we'll have Gaming and Programming workshop on as usual. This weeks programming tutorial will be on creating a graphical program using Java! If you missed last weeks tutorial, you're still welcome to come and do it on Friday and I'll help you all I can. The link to the first tutorial is here: Programming Tutorial Lesson One.

Finally, LAN SIGNUPS ARE OPEN FOR FRESHERS (for everyone else it opens next week)! The LAN will be in week 4, from 8pm on Friday 28th October until 8pm on Sunday 30th October. We like to give you guys a chance to sign up before the flood. LAN parties are our weekend long events where we all bring our desktops/laptops into LIB 2 and play games/eat pizza all weekend! We have an FAQ if you have no idea what's going on, and signups can be found here. We usually have a seating plan that you can place yourself on, but since the website is so new, it's not finished yet! I'll tell you all via Facebook and email once this has been created so you can pick where you sit.


Remember, meet us today at 6:00pm outside DCS for the pub! Hope to see you guys there.

Rhiba (Pres)

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This Week's Events

Pub Social on Mon, 10th October:

Linux 101 Talk on Wed, 12th October:

Gaming on Fri, 14th October:

Programming Workshop on Fri, 14th October:

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