Minutes 2016-03-16 (Term 2 Week 10)

Wed 16 Mar Meeting Minutes

Present: tanski, jai, kirby, dixon, rhiba, mcnutty, marmite

* David: Buy uwcs.party
* Collabative charity event (Meningitis Research Foundation).
* - Early term 3, on a Friday, before gaming, week 2 / 3, 8pm-10pm?
* - Big screen Smash tournament. £5 tournament for charity (too high?).
* - Ask for the screen for free otherwise Compsoc will eat it.
* - Advertising through Chapilancy screens, posters, etc.
* - Reserve the balcony of the Terrace Bar.
* Jai: book big screen soon for times above
* Alex: Add event for Laserquest
* Inform Nintendo Soc we need their controllers
* SSL Cert for uwcs.co.uk has expired - buy one for now to carry us over and
figure out LetsEncrypt.
* wher were u when estridge was kill?
* Fix mail! But do coursework first.
* SU Funding. Needs to be something for more than 1 year, another server, Xbox
One or any other ideas? "Ask for a lot, see if we get a little bit".
* Ask for a Vive, swing it in the programming direction instead of gaming. Do
the same for wearables?
* Jai was approached by DotaSoc and LeaugeSoc for a collabartive eSports thing.
We will join them if they organise it.
* Rhinnanon is setting up clothing for Week 1 Term 3.
* kirby: Set up a Doodle for exec meeting times Term 3.

Kirby's Khronicle: How do I do sub-bullets?