Minutes 27/01/16

Wed 27 Jan Meeting Minutes

Present: mcnutty, phillammon, rayhaan, marmite, hermit and tankski

-Lanrota is in progress, rhiba and maddy should sign up for slots
-LAN to be advertised in newsletter and on facebook
-need trolley this time, try not to get equipment rained on
-no progress on big screen gaming
-rhiba will book a room for AGM during week 7 or 8. Running just on the day should be fine

h2. Action overflow

(it's back baby!)
-phillammon to remember to progress big screen gaming
-rhiba to send newsletter with LAN in it, sign up for LAN slots, book AGM room
-rayhaan to ask for trolley for LAN
-hermit to post LAN on facebook
-maddy to sign up for LAN slots