Wed 20 Jan Meeting Minutes

Phillammon, rhiba, hermit, ness and mcnutty present.

-Migration to Nodd is done! (Alex owes Will a Nandos.)
-rhiba: Look into online voting.
-Need to plan AGM: suggest week 8 at LAN. Do handover in term 3 instead.
-Phillammon needs the list of things to buy from Maddy.
-Phillammon needs to get gaming survey template and do it.
-Phoach under new management - is this a possibility now? Refurb done by end of February.
-people want to have names on the music server. Will: do this.
-anime kareoke at gaming and LANs!
-big screen gaming at end of term. phillammon: do this.
-talks! Phillammon: do this.
-Alice: "Ive spawned with a really big penis."
-Competions at LAN: maybe starwhal? samari gun, nidhogg, mount your friends, jackbox

Congratulations on the successful meeting guys. WE GOT STUFF DONE.

Also, its penguin awareness day.