Minutes 07/10/15

Wed 07 Oct Meeting Minutes

-Need gaming keys cut.
-Gaming will be in 006.
-Consoles are in the LAN cupboard.
-Looking into hanging the banner in DCS somewhere. Matt and Roger say this is fine, just need to do it.
-IBM is week 7 wednesday.
-Bletchley is week 3 saturday. Look into train times.
-Will and Rhiba are getting mini bus licences!
-Newsletter after freshers fair.
-Email to DCS with compsoc info on it. Jackie?
- Shell talk, Will is talking to Mike Joy.
-Look at other computing society sponsors and follow them.
-No Phillammon speeches at first gaming (<3).
-Collaberate on talks with game design.
-We got 16 new servers...
-Look into multiple SSL certs for each society we host.
-Phillammon and Kirby going to I <3 Consent workshops.
-Need to rethink meeting time.

h2. Rhiba

-Train times for Bletchley.

h2. Phillammon

-Get keys cut.
-More talks.
-I <3 Consent workshop.

h2. Kirby

-I <3 Consent workshop.

h2. Mcnutty

-Talk to Mike Joy about shell talk.

h2. Hermit

-Make doodle for exec meeting times.