Sat 03 Oct News Item

Welcome to Warwick!

This Friday (9th Oct) we will be having our first Friday Gaming of term, along with XING, our programming workshop, in the room next door. It's held in the Department of Computer Science, which is next to Maths. The building requires card access, but for our first event we will station someone next to the door to open it for you, but in future (or if no one is there), you can always knock on the window and someone will let you in! It's 8pm until 8am, you're allowed to bring food and drink but no alcohol please!

We hold our weekly pub night every Monday, and for this term at least, it will be at Varsity (the pub near Westwood). We usually all grab a meal and talk about computery things for a couple of hours, and it's always a lot of fun!

Our LAN parties are held twice a term, each from Friday until Sunday, with the exception of the last LAN of the year which is a monster five days in length!

For a list of our events, including gaming, programming, pub and LAN *"click here.":http://uwcs.co.uk/events/*