Minutes - 17/06/2015

Wed 17 Jun Meeting Minutes

-Gokarting moved to 3pm pickup due to a lack of available slots, everyone affected knows
-Trubydoor asked if the WGD 48hr could be held at BFL because WGD had their booking revoked (after it was confirmed) because there was an open day. It was mentioned that there might not be room in Lib2, but at the time of the meeting there were still >50% of the seats still available. Even accounting for last minute sign ups on the day this is unlikely to cause an issue.
-BFL was only booked from 3pm due to legacy reasons. Hermit booked the room from 9am so we can set up at 10.
-DCS have a list of names for the open day (CS exec + {dixonary, trubydoor, someone else?})
-Big Screen are currently being educated about Mondays by Phillammon (email bounced because they didn't know which Monday we were on about). Hopefully we can get a booking sorted for Mon/Tues/Weds next week.
-mcnutty and mistermarmite have sorted out sponsorship correspondence which will be going out over the coming week to anywhere which has an email or postal address.
-Ballooning is mostly going to plan. Radio and GSM are yet to be working, and there seem to be problems with the camera. Rhiba can no longer make the launch at the end of the week, so we have the option of postponing to wk10 or early next term.
-hermit will modify the posters as agreed last week