UWCS website IPv6 support

Sat 07 Jun News Item

Greetings CompSoc,

As you may have been aware, the 6th of June is world IPv6 day. IPv6 is a new version of the Internet Protocol (IP) specification that was designed to fix the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. Unfortunately switching from an internet where the majority of service providers, corporations, and users have their equipment already setup to work with IPv4, to one where services can be accessed from both IPv4 and IPv6 networks is not a trivial problem to solve.

IPv6 day is intended to get more people to test out their IPv6 support, and as such the compsoc website is now also available from IPv6 networks at the following address: https://ipv6.uwcs.co.uk/

If you have any problems accessing this website or just want to know more about IPv6 feel free to come along to the programming workshops on Tuesdays or XING on Fridays and have a chat about the exciting future of the Internet Protocol.