ComputerMinds Guest Talk & Progcomp.2 Results!

Sat 02 Nov News Item

Announcing our guest talk from Steven from ComputerMinds next Wednesday. The talk will take place from 1-2pm in LIB2.

Title: Do IT projects always fail, go over budget, and disappoint?

Between the theoretical dream of Agile software development and fixed price waterfalls of project management there is the hard reality of delivering a IT project with a fixed budget but changing requirements. We explore some real world examples of how software projects have run and what compromises have had to be made to deliver on time and on budget.

ComputerMinds are a small software company with offices in Bristol and Coventry, specialising in Drupal based websites. Their portfolio includes BCS, UCAS and the Sainsbury's website (so big clients!).

Some of you may remember Stephen from last term when we came in to give us a talk on Drupal. It was a really good talk and this is a great opportunity to find out about Computing in industry (the real world, shocker)! There will also be an opportunity to ask about jobs and internships in ComputerMinds.


Secondly, announcing the results from this week's progcomp!

In first place this week was Daulet Zhalpakov, who successfully managed to solve the first 3 problems and had a good go at question x! This week quite a few people managed to solve the first 3 problems so 2nd and 3rd place are quite unclear! People's solutions are being uploaded as they are sent to me here. Thanks to everyone who took part!