Election of new Socials Officer

Tue 01 Oct News Item

Greetings compsoc,

Unfortunately our current social sec runite will be unable to carry on with his role this academic year, so we will need a new Socials Officer, to run from now until the coming AGM half way through term 2, and to help in the transition period until the end of term 2 if need be.

The election meeting for the new Socials Officer will occur next week, on Wednesday 9th October at 5pm in MS.04.

To stand for the role you must be a member of the society, eligible for being an executive of a University of Warwick student society (current student etc.), and you must go to the election meeting.

You may also wish to write a manifesto, which you may send to me (secretary@uwcs.co.uk) to have posted in the website event details. This is usually a short text about you, why you would be good for the role, and any ideas you have for the role.

You can vote either remotely on the website, or in person at the meeting. Candidates will be asked to give a short speech before the attendees cast their votes.

For a short description: "The role involves planning and communicating the social activities of the society, including weekly pub events and special socials for LANs." The exec hold roughly weekly meetings, usually you would attend or at least catch up with the minutes if you miss one. Like anyone who attends the public meetings you would be able to help influence the decisions of the society.

UWCS Secretary