Guest Talk from Unruly Media

Tue 08 May News Item

On Friday 18th May we have Unruly Media coming in to deliver a talk entitled "Taming Scalability, and how Extreme Programming can help". The talk will take place in S0.13 from 4pm.

In this talk we will discuss three types of scaling challenges involved with adserving – Performance, Reliability, and Innovation.

We will cover some of the performance challenges we have encountered growing to tens of millions of impressions per day, and the approach we took to solve them, together with reliability challenges and how we avoid being woken up every night. We’ll pass on some lessons that we have learnt the hard way – so you won’t have to.

Teams often get less and less innovative when they have to cope with these kinds of scalability problems and increasingly complex business requirements. We will explain how Extreme Programming allows us to cope with these challenges and release new features into production to millions of users several times a day, while still having time to innovate."

Free pizza will be provided :)

Hope to see you there,

Ruth King
Academic President