Last March of SigmaD: Also, AGM reminder

Wed 09 Feb Newsletter

Greetings CompSoc,

Just to remind you that our AGM is tomorrow at 7pm in S0.13. Attendance is probably compulsory if you're running for a position.

Is there a way to vote that doesn't involve leaving a computer I hear you ask. Why yes, there is indeed.
You can go to and vote online/cast a proxy vote. Note that if you intend to do this, you need to do so BEFORE 12:00 today(9th Feb), so the person responsible(me) has time to collate this data before the election.

There is also the Bloomberg Programming Competition this weekend, details here:
There are some pretty impressive prizes to be won, as well as participation prizes, so make sure to consider coming along.

As I am not standing for election again, this is the last e-mail I will send as secretary, I hope you've enjoyed being told about weekly events every month or so as much as or more than I've enjoyed telling you.


SigmaD (Robert Steele)