Bloomberg Programming Competition

Wed 02 Feb News Item

The University of Warwick Computing society is pleased to announce its first all day programming competition, for the chance to win several fabulous prizes.

It will take place on Saturday the 12th of February, from 12pm to 6pm, consisting of multiple rounds of problem solving, a catered lunch/social period and a talk by a guest lecturer from Bloomberg, who are generously sponsoring this event.

The venue will be the Department of Computer Science's Terminal Room 1, so there will be ample computers for those who wish to take part. Don't worry if you don't have a DCS login/password, we will provide an account for the day for all contestants who need one.

If you'd prefer not to use the departments computers and would like to use your own, there will be facilities in the same room for setting them and connecting to the internet.

The top prize will be a netbook, with Amazon Kindles for the next top 2 entries, and all participants will receive a USB stick for taking part.