LAN Issues

Wed 26 Jan Newsletter

Greetings CompSoc

We have a few messages for you about some issues which occurred during

We are also in possession of a grey jumper which was left by Table 1 at the
end of LAN, so contact cranman if it's yours.

Firstly, we are concerned about state of Table 3 at the end of LAN. There
was food trodden into the carpet under the tables, which made the clean-up
a lot harder to complete. Please ensure that you leave your seating area
in a clean manner, as it's unfair on the people cleaning up at the end. We
will be monitoring this at the next LAN, with potential bans for people
who don't keep their area clean.

We also had a few issues of people sleeping at LAN. We are not allowed by
Warwick Security to permit people to sleep at LAN for health and safety
reasons. We had people bringing camp beds into LAN. We cannot allow this
to happen, so if you're tired, go home and sleep.

Lastly, there was a case of someone using someone else's equipment without
having permission beforehand. There is a level of trust between everyone
at LAN, including the safety of an equipment left whilst you aren't there.
Please don't take something without first asking as we will have no choice
but to ask you leave LAN.

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but this is for the benefit for everyone.

The Exec