Minutes - 19/10/2010

Tue 19 Oct Meeting Minutes

Present: TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Cranman, Mogmiester, Fyorl, Sinjo, Connorhd, Starspell.

NOTE: These minutes were taken by MrWilson and as such may be partially or entirely wrong.

Communication in the Society:
- Better communication, agree on stuff at exec meeting.
- No-one cares about Guitar Hero 6.

Bloomberg Competition:
- 9am is an optimistic start.
- Maybe 10am.
- No, wait, 10:30am

Gaming Tournaments:
- Atrium tournament, bad idea
- Pros don't want distractions.
- "Something" in the Atrium, publicity event, charge 10p or something.
- Prize support in the form of Money.

- Union don't want our money.
- We get full membership from everyone.

Connorhd - "Don't worry, just ignore it."

- Put event on website. Freshers, Members, Guests.
- WGD 48hr game design is not that Weekend.
- Get trolley.
- Maybe Street Fighter Tournament.
- Organise specific games: Timetabling. Vegas 2, Minecraft, TF2 etc.

ACTION: TeamDoherty to make timetable.

Academic Events:
- 26th Jan, provisionally booked.
- E-mail IBM about stuff.
- Get SigmaD to do pizza for talks.
- Drinks, plastic cups.

- Social Sec not present. (too busy being social)
- Event up on the website for Christmas Meal, signups.

ACTION: Dirtus to put book Christmas Meal, create event and signups for aforementioned meal.

- Need more newsletter.
- Mention forums in above.

ACTION: An e-mail newsletter.