Term 2 Week 8

Wed 03 Mar Newsletter

Greetings CompSoc!

Since the new exec are getting used to pretending to know what's going on, I thought it was about time for some spam e-mail.

This week is of course the Real Ale Festival, that a lot of people have been really looking forward to, which is on in the evening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We recommend you join us for the official CompSoc visit on Thursday, we're meeting at 6pm at the Copper rooms, hope to see you there.
We also have our regular gaming session on Friday for the usual fun until Saturday morning.

If you're interested in playing a casual game of football with CompSoc members, PM Dirtus on IRC, who's trying to set a game up.

This week's events

Real Ale Festival on Thu, 4th March

Gaming Session on Fri, 5th March

Chatting with us
We also recommend you connect to our IRC network so you can chat to our
members a bit and get to know them. :D

Find out more at: http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/services/irc/

Web Hosting
If you're interested in hosting, you'll want to go to http://uwcs.co.uk/member/
and fill in the request form for a shell account. You'll need to make a separate
request for database account (a MySQL account) if any of your sites use that (for
example WordPress).

Further Info
If you have any other questions, http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/faq/ is a good place to
start, and you can always drop us a line at compsoc-exec@uwcs.co.uk.


Sigma D (Robert Steele)