Exec Minutes 19-11-2009

Thu 19 Nov Meeting Minutes


Connor Dunn, Chris Sinjakli, Tim Monks, Matt Alves, Tomas Pilar, Anees Ahee, Rebecca Chui


Claire Thomas, Nathan Wong


Christmas Meal

Pepper was not present so discussion of the Christmas meal couldn’t really take place
Action: monk to fix the mailing list to email alumni


Sadiq got quotes for the society from First Image. It is very cheap, with ~£15 for the most expensive hoodie, £2.50 for a name on the hoodie. ADM are offering to beat any quote that we are given, however when ADM have been used in the past there have always been problems. So, we will use First Image.

The logo on the back is very expensive, and so we will not use it.

The new logo will cost £25 to digitise, but the cost will be removed if the order is worth over £300. The delivery is £10.

Connorhd will make the clothing order event as he has the quote. He will also pay for it then collect money off people. It will be order at the end of this term for the beginning of next term.

Action: Connorhd to make event for clothing order

L4D2 Tournament

Estel has been re-actioned to sort it out. A website is needed for signups, this will be a XING project.

The suggested format is signups of 2 people to make a pair. These pairs will play against other pairs and with other pairs, and they will then report the results to the website to update the table. There will be possible infractions against both teams if they can’t agree who won, possibly leading to disqualification if a team gets lots of infractions.

Action: Estel to give Trip info for posters

Rock Band DLC/Xbox stuff

Action: Azurit needs to get figures and links for xbox 360 stuff, including a HDD and a screen
Action: Monk to buy microsoft points to buy songs
Action: Estel to get a list of songs to download and their prices


Possible things to do at XING have been suggested by mulletron in the discuss email, if people have nothing to do.

Progcomp Posters

The posters are ok. Trip will order 60 from the SU on Friday for Monday, and they will be put up on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

Action: Trip to order and put up posters

Mailing List

Mailman apparently sucks. Connorhd will change the archives so that they are weekly to improve this

SF4 tournament

Will take place Wednesday of week 10. Azurit will sort out the information, and pass this onto Trip for posters and Mogmiester for room bookings. It will be open to everyone on campus.

Action: Azurit to get info for the posters to Trip by Monday, and to Mogmiester for room bookings also by Monday

Risk Assessment

This will be handed in on Monday